Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tip of the Week

Since I'm struggling with a cold, lets make this one easy this week.  Are you constantly running out of towels for the bathroom?  Need a washcloth and are they all in the wash?  Well pick a day to wash your bathroom towels and stick with it.  I'm not sure why Monday works for me, but it does.  I actually will put them in the night before sometimes and Monday morning throw them in the dryer.  For some reason, I had two loads this week.  Do this every week and you will rarely if ever run out of towels.

By the way, I'm not a fan of leaving all the laundry till the weekend.  There is too much to do and quality family time that needs to be devoted on the weekends.  Why spend it doing laundry all day?  So I will try to work in a load a day.  Yes, I separate everything out, but I learned a long time ago that pink and white really don't mix in the washing machine.  Actually, that was hubby trying to be helpful and since then he hasn't touched my clothes.  Now I do usually have him run his load of clothes on Sunday so he has clean clothes for the entire week.  He's a guy and just puts everything in one wash and thats fine with me.  I just can't do that!

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