Monday, June 23, 2014

The Hills Are Alive....

Yes, yes do you know the next line???  Yep, with the sound of music!  Think Julie Andrews and not Carrie Underwood though please.  I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful word "benign" truly means to me.  I have been so busy enjoying small moments with my girls and to be completely thankful I do not have cancer.  Now I have to keep getting checked up on the nodule on a regular basis unless I feel its become larger then I need to go in before then.  However, after the doctor told me the news, I cried.  I had been so worried and wondered what life would be like if I wasn't here for the girls.  No one should have to go through that and it actually makes me a bit misty eyed that this small ordeal can conjure up those emotions again.  I tried to settle my affairs just in case and some little things like my daughter's christmas stocking I started to try to complete.  Little things that you procrastinate because you think you have all this time in the world, but in fact you really don't.  By the way, I found someone who can finish her stocking and I just need to pick out a color for it and life should be good.  I have it hanging up so I can send it out next week so I won't forget.  Hey, its almost Christmas in July isn't it?!?

Anyway, I have been so busy because hubby is back to coming and going again.  My day when he isn't home in the evening is about a good 14 hours and sometimes it pushes into 16 hours.  When I get five hours of uninterrupted sleep, I'm on top of the world.  Isn't that just sad lol?  I have a girlfriend in Texas and she was astonished I was already up and moving and I admitted to her I got more than my usual 3-4 hours.  Those days when I get so little of sleep are the days I'm dragging.  I pray my kids go down for quiet time at the same time and of course when I desperately want them to they seem to sense my weakness and like little barracudas pounce on me.  Yes, yes I do love my tiny overlords, but dang they keep me busy.  Anyway, this is just a quick update.  Please know I have not forgotten my blog.  I don't know how other mommy bloggers find the time.  Although my new zest on life, I did join twitter.  I tweet mostly about mommy things of course!!!  Just don't ask me to explain hashtags yet #####!