Saturday, December 13, 2014

Distracted Mommy Land

Yep, thats pretty much my life. I chuckle at myself thinking back to college and being so naive in thinking I knew what distractions were all about. Skipping class to go hiking? SURE, why not thats a GREAT distraction....Cue to Mommy Scene...Okay let me try to get laundry A out of the dryer, into a basket, and put laundry B into the dryer.  Nope someone is insisting on coming in to check on me to see if I'm okay. Wait you need something? Wow what a surprise there. Granted I'm asking for maybe four minutes tops in this scenario, but yes this is a perfect example of my constant distractions.

FlyLady talks about living in Chaos and I have to say she pretty sure knows what she's talking about. I did a FlyLady hotspot challenge the other day. She gives you two minutes to complete the task and I would have to say I only had two minutes without some kid distraction and I completed it. She usually asks to do fifteen minutes a day decluttering, but I no longer know what fifteen minutes uninterrupted looks like.

So you might be reading this and wondering how in the world I'm actually even typing this. Well thats a very good question and its due in part to my mommy internal clock telling me to get up. I do love these moments when everyone else is asleep and I can have a moment to myself. It doesn't happen often since my oldest seems to be a morning person....yep gotta run she is awake and senses me downstairs!

(To be continued)....