Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Challenged accepted?

So have you been following the tip of the week or are you in the category of I have the perfect panty drawer?  Mmmm?  Do you dare to confess to yourself that there is no such thing?  For those of you who have taken this task to heart, are you enjoying the decluttering mission?  You might have come across the Jeeper Creepers, the Holey Moley Bikini, 80s High Rise, and the Year Sisqo made that Thong Song popular...2000 if you are wondering. Yep wonder if his hair is still dyed white.  Do we need to even debate if boy shorts are comfortable?  Victoria Secret models rock them so well, but lets be honest who in the world is a size 0 except for them?  So back to your FLING task!

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