Saturday, February 16, 2013

Near Misses

Yesterday, we found out some dear friends of ours were involved in a bad car accident.  They came away from the accident unharmed and the relief to hear that they did is pretty overwhelming.  We had our own near miss yesterday in the HOV lane and the similarities are rather striking.  Our friends have a daughter just two months older than ours and both idiot drivers swerved into our lanes.  Thankfully, we both reacted fast enough to avoid any harm.

In our situation, we were exiting in the carpool lane and the single driver was in her lane.  For whatever reason, she decides to whip into our lane and I braked and swerved avoiding her.  I honked at her which I feel made her get back into the lane she was suppose to, but I will say she could have taken out my entire front end and myself as the driver.  My leg even hurt for having to brake so hard and luckily no one was behind us.  As I quickly drove past her, she was leaning forward as if she had a hard time reading the upcoming traffic directions.  Why she was even on the road if she was having difficulty reading, I have no idea.  I just know I even thanked my car for being so quick to follow my instructions.

So I am happy my girlfriend is okay.  I had just spoken to her via Skype and was lovingly told I looked like crap because of my cold.  See I value honest friends!  It almost chokes me up thinking though that could have been the last time I could have seen her.  She is another friend who is so amazing and fun.  I love that she can make me laugh and that she supports me in all endeavors.  I am not ready to lose any of my close friends.  So tell your friends how much they mean to you.  I know we just passed Valentine's Day with our significant others, but sometimes friends need to hear it too!

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