Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodbye February Hello March

Seriously, can anyone believe its already March?  I feel like we were just ringing in the New Year.  How are those resolutions going by the way?  Ha trust me I really don't believe in them and if you think you failed at achieving your goals, stop it!  I think resolutions are just another thing we like to feel a bit guilty about.  Moms are notorious with the guilt gene and if we can just let one thing go like resolutions then you will have a lot less guilt.

Speaking of guilt...Did you do the tips of the week?  Okay okay I truly jest and hope this does not bring more guilt.  However, lets do a bit of review of those tips.  Underwear drawers should rejoice and getting ready in the morning should have become easier.  Does anyone still have the thong song in their head?  It is quite catchy!

Second tip if anyone recalls is just to pick a day for washing towels.  Now I had a girlfriend who told me that with her family of five that picking one day a week for washing towels does not work for her.  You can always pick two if you are finding out that only one day does not work for your family.  There were seven of us in my family and I don't recall my mom doing laundry till it was Saturday.  I'm not sure how she accomplished that because I don't want to spend my entire weekend doing laundry.  My mom was a hard worker though and made sure we were never without.  I do remember using towels more than once and trust me that is okay too.  Now with my daughter's cold I admit I washed towels throughout the week.  I did not want snotty towels from doing the baby neti pot laying around the whole week and thats just an EWW factor for me.

Last, but not least I recommended cleaning out your favorite coffee machine with some vinegar.  Pretty simple too and this should also make life a little bit easier.  Did anyone notice a difference after they cleaned theirs?  If you didn't then you might have some satisfaction that the outside looks nice enough to use it the next morning.

Now you might be saying why wasn't there a fourth tip since February has a good four weeks.  Well its because I did not feel like putting one up that week.  I might not have a tip for the whole month and variety is not a bad thing.  It goes back to that whole guilt thing and sometimes its nice not to feel like we NEED to accomplish something that week or even month.  Hope you had a great day today and tomorrow we can say hello to March!

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