Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Neti Pot

So the cold has continued to strike our home and now hubby and our daughter are doing battle.  When our little girl was just a small baby I started a saline rinse on her with a bulb aspirator and NeilMed saline packets when she had her first cold.  I would use a product called the Nosefrida to pick up any moisture and junk left in her nose.  Now that she is older, I don't worry about her choking on a little bit of extra saline in her sinuses.

Now she does fuss a little, but knows in a moment she is going to breathe again.  She claps her hands after every squirt of saline and we give her praise for being such a good girl.  You really should see how much comes out when we use the baby neti pot on her.  All we do is lay her on her side with a thick towel underneath her head and the snot comes right out on the towel.  We do this about twice a day and it works amazingly well!  We aren't spending all day trying to wipe her snotty cold nose.

FYI please boil the water before you do the saline rinse and make sure it is only warm when doing the neti pot.  I will put ice cubes in to cool it down if I have to.  It is just one cup of warm water and one saline packet mixed well.  The saline packets are so easy to use and yes you can save money in making your own, but the packets are the perfect combination of salt and baking soda.  I have tried to get it right doing my own and for some reason I am not talented enough to get this mixture 100 percent correct.  It is safer to buy the packets and use them on your child though.  I truly believe this.

If you are interested, I put all the items in my store page.  Now you can buy the 100 premixed packets, but trust me 50 of them should last you for awhile.  If you are interested in using a neti pot, I would recommend using a ceramic or stainless steel pot instead of the plastic ones you can buy.  I am not a huge fan of plastic anyway, but the other two you can throw in your dishwasher and get them nice and clean.

So the next time your baby has a cold and you know they certainly will, grab the neti pot and try it.  It should shorten the length of the cold and help them breathe during the day.  Last, but not least be gentle when doing this with them for the first time.  Our little girl is already a pro at it and knows we are trying to help her.  Your little one will need some time to adjust to it.  Give lots of praise and be patient with them.

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  1. do you ALSO boil the water for the ice cubes, or are you just pandering to people who THINK they know what sterile means but actually DON'T?