Monday, February 4, 2013

Tip of the Week

Its Monday morning and like me you will probably shower and put on your favorite pair of underwear.  Who wants to wear those ratty ones that have been sitting in your drawer for all eternity? Please do not make comments about not wearing any or that you had to wear an old pair again. EWWW factor would be mighty high for anyone else involved. So this week, I encourage you to put on those pairs you don't wear for a day and remember why you don't wear them. Do me a favor and DO NOT put them into the laundry, but toss them into the garbage can if they do not meet your panty needs. I want you to do this one day a week for the rest of the week. Once you have accomplished this task, I give you permission to spend ten dollars on a package of new ones. Those you can throw into the laundry! Now Mommies who are still losing baby weight and/or pregnant might want to wait for this task. We all know how one thing fits today doesn't fit tomorrow. So if you have ever seen Revenge of the Nerds where they raid those ladies underwear drawers, that is what I want to do to your own. FLING FLING FLING! 

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