Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Want You I Don't Want Anybody Else

Yes these are the words you should be telling your Valentine today.  Now you might have bought the flowers or the chocolates, but say this to your partner today and see their reaction.  Do you still hold hands in public?  If not, when did it stop?  Is it because you are so tired that you can't find enough energy to summon up the romance?  Well kick those kids out of the bedroom and make time for you and your loved one.
No I'm not a fan of Hallmark and cards you will most likely forget in two weeks, but the day to day little things a spouse might do for another.  I watch my husband pick up the slack because I'm pregnant and tired.  I don't even know if he knows how much that means to me.  It is so easy to find faults with your spouse that sometimes its hard to see all that they do for you in the name of love.  So return that love today and write them a note of how much you still want them after all these years.  I know I have only one approved authorized source and yes he still my sun and when he is gone, life is not very much fun.

Do I do enough for him?  I don't think so.  I truly don't and I am surprised he has put up with my shenanigans for so long.  I will say that raging pregnancy hormones don't help much.  One minute I'll be fine then the next I'll be a mad wildebeest.  I'm lucky enough that he recognizes these symptoms and makes the right moves in order to survive them.

Anyway, back to your spouse and if you do enough for them.  Do you?  Truly?  Stop thinking of the ME part of the relationship and focus on them.  What have you not done in a long time that you know they adore?  Well today is the day to rekindle that romance.  Again, tell them you still want them.  Maybe thats the hardest part is admitting to yourself you still need them.  Again, forgot about Hallmark and their billion dollar business.  Cook their favorite meal tonight, leave a sticky note where they can find it, or say it aloud how much they mean to you.  I promise you won't be sorry.  On that note, I will leave you with a song to get you in the mood and to remind you how much you want them and nobody else...

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