Monday, March 18, 2013

Tip of the Week

Do you have pets?  Are those cute little creatures destroying your sanity now that you have little ones?  Well if you said yes then you wouldn't be the first or last person to think "why in the world do I have animals anymore?"  I used to dote on my two cats and they got rather spoiled to say the least.  Its not their fault we had kids, but the time I have for them diminished significantly.  The moment I sit down on the couch one of them wants to be in my lap and I admit I don't want anyone or anything to be on me when I finally get a much needed break.

Well as we prepare for the next baby and pull out the baby things, our one cat seems to enjoy the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper we plan to use.  Now some of its my fault for allowing the cat to be in it after we were done using it for our little girl.  My thinking back then was well at least I'm getting some sleep and the cat is not walking all over me on the bed.  She did not even sleep in it for very long either.  I cleaned it up and got ready to move it out of the bedroom when we found out we were expecting again.  Fast forward to now where we made it all comfy for the next baby and the cat is in love with it again.  I couldn't stop the cat from sleeping in it and I tried covering it with my old bathrobe and that I think just made it more enticing.  I had heard about how cats will sleep in cribs and have heard about babies being suffocated.  I don't know if any of those are true, but I know I don't want the cat in the co-sleeper where the baby sleeps.

After catching the cat in there for the third time in one week, I had HAD IT!  I knew I better stop the behavior quickly before the new baby got here and I did not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the co-sleeper again.  I asked around about what I should do and someone told me to use tin foil in the sleeper and that would keep the cat away.  I was quite happy to try anything.  Lo and behold, it WORKS!  I can see where the cat has tried once to get into it and apparently did not find the tin foil to be comfy at all.  So that is the tip of the week.  If you are struggling to keep your pets out of the crib, try laying tin foil down.  I plan to use the technique if I have to when the baby arrives.  I really don't want to buy another baby gate to put on our bedroom door.  I already feel like the house is one gigantic maze with gates all over.  Best part of the tin foil is that its cheap and can be recycled when you are done using it!

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