Friday, May 3, 2013

Life has definitely changed!!!

I know I know you probably think I have stopped blogging for good, but trust me I just became a smidge more preoccupied.  Yes, all my time has been devoted to finally giving birth to a tiny precious baby girl.  I promise once the constant check ups on her weight and life settles down here, I'll be back to more of a regular basis.  Well I'm counting on being back!  I'm hoping to sound just as coherent as I did before too.  Sleep deprivation has become the norm these days and when I have a free moment, naps are on the agenda.  You might be wondering if I'm happy and yes I am.  All the struggles of her putting on weight and lactation consultants overstepping their bounds cannot put a damper on our joy of having a new baby girl.  Ha I'll have to blog soon about that lactation consultant!

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