Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Thought of the Day

Yes, I think I have more random thoughts these days with having a newborn than an entire paragraph.  I am still trying to remember my name at times.  If sleep deprivation equaled love then I would definitely win the love award for the year.  Seriously!  What do you call sitting up trying to not doze while you put your daughter back to bed?  You know the head bobble that we all do as parents.  I think last night I might have gotten a full hour of sleep and I'm not sure how I functioned without coffee.  Maybe my body remembered what it was like just a year ago.  I am abiding my time to actually finishing a whole tv episode without falling asleep in the evenings.  Yes, I know I will get achieve a whole hour someday again.  I have so many Dr Who episodes to catch up on though that I'm not sure if I'll get through them before summer is officially here.  By the way, who is NOT loving the new Dr Who?  I really miss those Ponds.  I think I miss sleep more though!

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