Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Must Do This!

I have been quite sick with the stomach flu this past week.  I'm just starting recovery mode as of today and life with a newborn and toddler have been crazy.  Sleep deprivation, fevers, and intestinal upset have been what I'm working with.  I thought I would be blogging to help the sanity with having two babies, but with the added benefit of the stomach flu I was barely holding on.  Of course I blame going to the pediatric clinic a billion times so the docs could tell us my daughter was under her birth weight.  Breast fed mommies I am sure have been pressured just like we were to supplement and that is another issue I'll have to address.  I so wonder what people did a hundred years ago when formula wasn't available.

Anyway, I digress about the real reason for this post and what I find very important this week.  Since I was in the germ filled pediatric clinic I have thought what other germy (yes that was not a typo) things we come into contact.  I just saw a news program too about this same subject.  They were discussing how often we clean our phones.  They found some nasty germs on user's phones that they had collected.  I didn't think much of it and never cleaned my phone.  Well after getting the stomach flu, I took a damp cloth with some soap and wiped my phone down.  If you do clean it, don't go drenching it with water.  I don't want to be the cause of your phone to kick the bucket.  However, do look up the best way to clean your phone and then clean it.  I really think this is important and you should try to get it done today.  I might not be able to save the germ filled pediatric clinic, but I can save your phone!  Right?!?

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