Monday, April 8, 2013

When You Love Someone

If you have been reading my blog then you know I have been venting about complete strangers and the issues of being almost 9 months pregnant.  However, there is a tenderness I feel about the baby I am carrying I cannot even describe.  There's a song that I listen to almost nightly that says it best.  I listened to one when I was carrying my daughter and I don't know if you have a song you relate to when you are pregnant, but one pops up that I have to listen to often.

All other songs kind of either fade in the background for me or I find them to be irritating to listen to.  I would prefer silence over those songs any day.  This song makes me smile and I'm reminded how much in love I already am.  My husband told me he loved our daughter more and I replied, "well I hope so!"  I know he loves me, but our children have a hold on us that we sometimes can't define.  If a robber pulled a gun on you and your spouse and gave you the choice, you would have to have a moment to decide who was more important.  Its not like that when it comes to your child.  There would be no hesitation or choice who you would save.

So back to the song and yes I'm listening to it now.  It is by Bryan Adams "When You Love Someone."  I prefer the MTV unplugged version of it because it has a certain rawness that I just love.  

When you love someone 
You'll sacrifice 
You'd give it everything you got 
And you won't think twice 
You'd risk it all 
No matter what may come 
When you love someone 

Those are the lyrics that literally sing to me.  I'm not sure if its the universe aligning with you to fall in love with this little human being that you really haven't seen yet.  It is there for me that I would risk it all for my baby.  I will fight to make sure things are perfect for him or her.  Best part of this whole process is I am waiting to see if we have a little boy or girl.  Some people say will tell you it helped them to bond with their baby while waiting, but I have had no issue in not knowing.  Remember the joy as a child when you told someone something so good that they squealed in delight?  We have gotten away from little things like that and so I hope my friends and family will revel and delight in the fact that they might have guessed the baby's gender correctly.  My husband disagree this time with me what we are having and so I think there will be a touch of who was right teasing going on.  Soon so very soon we will have the reveal and trust me there will be lots of love in that room when our little one is born.

Enjoy another movie memory lane with this video!

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