Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tip of the Week

I posted last week about how we make our daughter pick up the food she throws down on the floor.  Tip of the week comes from another savvy mommy that is a very good friend of mine.  I remember questioning her before I became a mom myself about how to keep up with the amount of food on the floor.  She told me to not give your child more food than you're willing to clean up.  Makes a lot of sense huh?

Well are you battling a whole table with a spilled glass of milk?  The simple solution is to cut it in half.  You might be pouring more milk or water for your child, but its better than cleaning up an entire glass in case they spill it.  Yesterday, we gave our little girl water and her glass was only about quarter of the way full.  After her third glass, she spilled it on the floor and was able to help hubby wipe it up.  So think small increments with your little tornado and yes thats about what you can call them when it comes to creating food disasters!  We all know they are highly skilled in these techniques.

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