Thursday, April 11, 2013

What happened to my floor? Oh that's right I have a toddler!

Are you tired of wiping up the floor after your toddler?  No pets to chow down on all the yumminess that a toddler finds interesting to throw down to that floor?  Well I wish I could claim that I came up with this moment of brilliance, but I can't.  I read where one mom was making their toddler pick up all the food that was thrown down to the floor and that it was a slow process, but that it worked.  I have to say that the amount of food getting thrown has diminished greatly since we started just a few days ago. She throws the food and we will immediately take her out and make her pick it up.  Yes you have to be diligent about it.  The first time she was not happy about it, but seemed to understand what we were making her do.  We even made her do it at a restaurant the other day because we don't want her thinking that any place is exempt from her behavior.

Kids are so smart that its not too early to start teaching your toddler these small techniques.  Now you still probably have to wipe up the floor since it won't be super clean.  Your toddler can help in that task as well and yes it will take more time with them helping, but that is how you teach them to do things right.  I might be a bad parent for starting my kids out so young, but I have seen teenagers who expect their Mom to clean and do everything for them.  I don't want to be THAT mom.  Do you?!?

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