Friday, June 14, 2013

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

As I navigate the waters of having two children under the age of two, I'm besieged with a constant
messy house and trying to survive on very little of sleep.  I keep hearing how children will be different and it is definitely true.  Our toddler never slept and did not need to be held.  Well during my pregnancy with this last one, I seem to recall telling hubby that I wanted a cuddler.  Wow wow wow and wow!  I should eat my words right now.  Our baby wants to be held all the time...literally ALL THE TIME.  Someone told me they got their business started while holding their baby, but I think the game changes when you have two of them.  I have wanted to blog and the other day I tried writing a post.  Really I did.  I got the title completed that you see and two words, "As I."  The baby started fussing and I had to stop.  Although if it comes down to it, I think my kids are more important than my so called feelings on a blog.  This isn't Doogie Howser where each episode you learn a lesson about life.  I believe there was a 90s show called my so called life too.  Claire Danes I thought was in that one.  I'm so sleep deprived I'll let you research that one.

Yes, I'm very sleep deprived and instead of blogging I'll go and lay down to take a nap.  Naps are rare because when one sleeps it seems the other wants to be awake.  It is a tiny miracle when both are down at the same time and trust me I try to navigate this.  The newborn who rarely wants to be put down gets
heavy at times and I just need to rest.  It is so crazy how different they are.  I did read how newborns have the inability to comprehend you just put them down.  They cannot tell if it was 30 seconds or 10 minutes.  All they understand is they are not being held any longer.  It really is the syndrome of What Have You Done For Me Lately.  Those moments I desperately crave just two minutes by myself.  Case in point, I have been trying to have a decaf cup of coffee this whole week.  I need maybe three minutes to grind the beans, steam the milk, make the brew, and pour it into my coffee mug.  Sounds very simple, but for a new mom it is NOT.  Not at all.  I can down a good cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes and even trying to juggle the kids, but it takes concentration to actually make it.  Sadly it took me till today to find the time.

Well I am blogging for a brief moment and I am amazed I am actually working on a new post.  Things I took for granted especially when I just had one baby in tow are now long gone.  I think all mommies should feel like Gollum saying "Precious" when there is just a smidge of peace.  Last night at almost midnight, I thought I would have a chance to write a condolence card and guess what?!?  Hubby kept interrupting me discussing such mundane things as how he added more water to our cat's food dish so she would eat the rest of her meal.  Yes I am being quite serious.  I think your spouse, children, and even pets have this innate sense of when you are trying to accomplish something without them.  They can happily spend hours in the same room with you not chatting with you very much then all of a sudden when faced with that you are not 100 percent focused on them, they strike.  Have we been reduced to hiding in places our families can't find us?  One mom told me today she shuts the door to the bathroom to get little things done.  I don't want to resort to that.  I want them to respect that I am not a door mat and for them to not fall into the same trap as my newborn.  See What Have You Done For Me Lately Syndrome doesn't just affect the very young.  It strikes at any age...

Now with this video I'm not trying to insinuate the rest of your family are sneaky little hobbits and you as Gollum, but dang the part where he says "he wants it, we needs it, must have the precious" is how I basically feel about alone time!!!  Ha!

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