Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Colds & Bullies

Why must these things be even a part of our lives?  If you have children, I think getting the cold is a sure sign you are a parent or at least work around parents.  When we didn't have kids and hubby worked in the office he would still get a cold and bring it back to me.  Well last week was a killer and I'm not sure even as I type this how I survived.  I was miserable and I know I went through a couple of boxes of Kleenex.  I learned a long time ago that instead of suffering the raw I blew my nose too many times look was to get the kleenex with lotion.  You also don't know how bad colds can be till you are in the middle of suffering from one.  I could barely skype that week because it made me so dizzy.  I was lonely, in the middle of trying to just survive with two little ones, and I wanted my own mommy.  I even told my mother that she should fly here just to take care of me.  Hubby tried as best as he could to give me breaks and to let me sleep if he came home for lunch, but I felt I could go to bed and stay there the whole time.  However, as a mom you just can't.  Kudos to those moms who have to stay on bed rest  during a pregnancy and have a toddler at the same time.  I honestly don't know how they do it.  My toddler tore my house apart and I didn't even have the energy to stop her.

I am just now catching up on laundry and yes I still did my towels on Monday.  For those of you just reading this one page then you should go back to tips of the week because that is the day I picked to always wash my bathroom towels.  I think it is important even when you are sick to try to maintain some level of sanity because it will just be worse when you wake up from your cold induced state.  I knew the moment I started to feel better was when I started to clean the kitchen.  It had looked like a mini bomb had gone off that whole week while I was out.  No I hate to admit to that of course, but this is a mommy truth and I would hate for you to think I'm perfect.  Ha!  Didn't I tell you once about how I couldn't see how all these mommy blogs make themselves out to be so darn perfect looking?  Well no mommy is perfect and if I ever come across as a know-it-all then call me out on it.

Hey, we could go back to the days of MTV when they actually played videos and had The Real World
with that guy named Puck keeping it real for us.  Please don't make me use their tag line of the series, but hopefully I keep it real enough on the blog that you aren't screaming FAKER as you read my last sentence.  Anyway, you should look up what happened to Puck.  I can't say I'm too surprised by how his life has turned out.  He did antagonise the guy who was terminally ill and I can't say I feel sorry for Puck at all.  I do believe in karma and although it might take a few years, it will eventually happen.  Case in point, I had a classmate while growing up who was just mean mean mean.  She tormented me and excluded me from all those reindeer games.  Well I have found out she got a divorce because she was cheating on her husband and her kids really weren't too happy with her.  I chalk it up to karma and how she treated not only me, but others around her.  Funny she even told a mutual friend of ours to tell me hello and I thought wow miracles do happen!  Although I don't foresee us singing kumbaya with one another anytime soon.  It is hard to shake the memories of torment that I had to endure from her and others of her ilk.

As a mommy, I worry about this for my own kids because I don't want it to happen to them.  I want them to grow up without the teasing and torment that happens so often in schools.  I don't think adults are necessarily blind, but sometimes we are so overwhelmed with just trying to make it through the day especially when we are sick that we fail to see what is truly happening in front of us.  I am sure it is a crossroads that will come up and how I answer their questions I don't know yet.  I spent a good decade doing martial arts and a little part of me wants to teach them how to defend themselves against bullies and when you should just walk away.  I know I started out whining about my summer cold and it materialised into whether or not I will teach my kids how to kick ass and take names instead.  However, sometimes thats what blogging is all about and both colds and bullies ruin the fun albeit just in a different form.  I suppose as a mommy, I probably shouldn't have used that word up above either, but come on I said I wasn't perfect and when is kicking someone's derriere sound tough?  HA!  I can guarantee you it doesn't.  Say it out loud if you don't believe me.  Did you do it?  Well I have a little while before I decide if I need to teach them those things.  Right now they need my love and for me to laugh with them as they swing and use the slides in the park.  One mommy moment at a time.  I'm afraid I'll blink and I'll be at their high school graduation next.

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