Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Facing the Facts

So you are probably thinking this chic never posts anymore.  Yep, I kind of agree with you.  I've got my hands full being a Mom and I love being a Mom, but no one ever raises their hand and chooses to do it alone for the majority of the time.  Well I'd been sick again and both girls were too.  My toddler had her first ear infection which isn't too shabby since I know many little ones struggle with reoccurring ear infections often.  Yes, RSV is nothing to sneeze at either.  Right now I'm in the middle of trying to wash everything they came into contact and if they wore it once then it goes right into the laundry.  During this RSV fiasco, I had my own doc appointments.  Well I learned a valuable lesson.  No one EVER wants to hear the C word when you are sitting in a doctor's office.  I promise I'll explain more later when I get all the tests done.  However, you do sit back and start thinking about things and since it runs in my family, I just have to wait till they give me that piece of paper saying I'm fine in order for me to be completely satisfied.  Anyway, that about sums up the past two weeks.  So if you are reading this then yes I had my hands full.

In other news, my daughter started speech therapy sessions and I am so excited about that.  Its a hard thing to admit your toddler needs help in that category.  I hear other toddlers just yap away and it makes me feel pretty much a failure when I'm around other kids.  I do have a girlfriend who was pregnant the same time as I was and she has a similar struggle with her little boy.  I made the joke with her that maybe they communicated via womb teleconferencing they would be a handful when it comes to speech.  Okay, in all seriousness, it is a struggle for me to not hear my daughter say Mommy.  She can say Daddy just fine, but I get mostly cries and whines when she wants something from me.  I wish you knew just how much it tears me up inside to even admit all of this.  However, this is my blog about mommy truth and if you have ever watched Stewie say Mommy a billion times and run away then honestly that is what I secretly crave.  It's hard to face the facts and the speech therapist did say it had nothing to do with me, but sometimes it can't be helped.  I think as parents we beat ourselves up over things and this is my struggle.  If you are reading this and your child is not performing at the level they should then you are not alone.  The assistance that my girlfriend and I are receiving is on a state level and we both have the same program even though we are in different states.  It is called Infants and Toddlers and I encourage you to not wait if you suspect your child is not yapping clearly enough.

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