Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ostrich Moments

So our brand new water heater had a leak in the drain pan and it was pouring water out.  This soaked the carpet in the other room and we had restoration guys come out once again.  Since my computer is in that room and I can't go in,  I've stolen my hubby's computer for the moment to write a quick update.  Hubby says soon I'll have my computer room back.  I admit I haven't wanted to blog much lately.  All I can think about has been my results of the biopsy that I just got done.  It wasn't exactly pain free and I'm glad I didn't read too many Fine Needle Aspiration stories before going in.  I read them afterwards.  Some of them were downright scary and if you need one done then I would suggest staying away from the internet.  Hubby had to watch the kids so I went alone to the appointment.  There are times as a parent, you want someone to hold your hand.  It doesn't happen very often, but I wish he had been there, bad jokes and all.  During it, the one nurse touched my shoulder in a comforting manner and it is exactly what I needed.  I needed to know someone cared and knew that I struggled as I laid there while they inserted needle after needle into me.  I have had crazy thoughts of well maybe that nodule will just pop and disappear like a bad zit when they do the procedure.  However, reality sits in and I must stop being the ostrich with its head in the sand.  So I wait and wait some more.  I try to spend my time with the kids and keep myself busy till I know.

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