Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moving Tip of the Week!

PURGE PURGE PURGE!  If you have been wondering what happened to me, I guess you could say I'm in moving nightmare.  I have found VHS and cassette tapes and of course thought what do I do with these?  I found one that stated my graduation date for my bachelor's degree and wondered how skinny I must have looked in know those videos of pre-babies and before my life of diastasis recti and spanx.  So if you have tapes and before the technology goes completely away that you can get the video off of these tapes then start hunting for a place to get these "I wish I still looked like that" moments off of them.

I know some places charge $20 per every two tapes and I think that is a scam.  If you have a bit of geekism then invest in doing it yourself.  Its probably what we will do after this move.  I do plan to take them with me on the first journey and to make sure they get done.  The cassettes were easy and we found a device on amazon to help get the recordings off of them.  I wish I had known about it a month ago or else I think we would have been doing this, but we just came across the box I had completely forgotten about it.  Hey, at least I am selling my old stereo for $30 which of course takes up a huge cargo container.  I seriously don't need to keep something like that and technology has advanced to the point I will most likely never use it again.  Yep, purge now before you think wow why did I keep this!  Top that with now you have kids and space is a much coveted thing especially when you have two!!!

So those bottles of wine I have probably should go to good use while I'm packing!  Maybe if I convince everyone to stop by I can have a packing party!!!  Of course this probably won't happen, but its a nice dream for me.  :)

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