Thursday, August 28, 2014

I've Fallen In Love AGAIN!

Okay so both toddlers are down!  I can actually spend a moment blogging.  I think after the cancer scare that I needed to refocus and to find what I loved once more.  I know this is going to sound crazy, but its the elliptical.  Now I don't own one and I have to find precious time to go there, but I've lost seven pounds already.  SEVEN!  I go when hubby gets off work or when the babysitter is here.  Yesterday, I was in a bit of a funk because my 16 month old seems to be having all her teeth come in at once and she has a cold on top of it.  As hubby said, its like Ghostbusters with the slime.  She slimed the crap out of me too the past few days.  I am still nursing her so if you can just understand I felt gross the whole time.  Anyway, last night I worked out at the gym and found how good it felt to get a workout in.  I had been struggling with fitting in my clothes and I know I'm fat.  Can we say that here?  I get the whole you should love your body after babies thing, but come on thats just words to me.  I needed to get up and move and move I did.  So its been a month since I started my quest for looking better and now I'm once again fitting in my clothes.  Its a good feeling.  I had a girlfriend who thought I was pregnant and so did this nicer older lady and I wasn't offended at all lol.  I probably should have been, but it made me more motivated to shed some pounds.

The first time I worked out, I had on my largest clothes and I even resorted at times to wearing hubby's workout clothes because my medium shorts didn't fit me.  Actually, I walked in wearing his I think and the guy checking people in had this smirk of you shouldn't even be here.  Well he was carrying a few pounds himself and had this Hitler mustache thing going on and it just made me want to lose the weight that much more.  I'm here to tell you that kind of behavior motivates me more to change.  If you are reading this and need to shed a few pounds then make it count.  Don't let their negativity pull you under and you'll see results.  Don't hide behind the complacent remarks that you look fine either.  I had gotten comfortable and needed to step out of my stay at home mommy routine.  I have more energy and I've started to watch Chris and Heidi Powell's show.  Have you seen it?  They are absolutely amazing and if you aren't inspired by them then I don't know what to tell you.  Chris seems as if he is the most genuine guy out there and I would give anything to meet Heidi and him.

So there you have it!  I'm on quest now to lose weight AND to find a new jogging stroller.  I want to start working out with the kids and I'm torn between a BOB and the Baby Jogger Summit X3.  If anyone would like to give me advice on which one to get then I'm all ears.  I want to find my love of walking again and rock the new mommy body...

OR????? This sexy beast?